Duras Inflatable Boats

Inflatable Boats

The Duras line of inflatable boats features great multi-purpose European style sports boats that offer superb handling and functionality. Each model is designed for maximum space and performance without sacrificing quality or reliability.

These lightweight boats provide comfort and convenience on the go. Within minutes, they go from deflated to ready for the water.

Duras boats are available with air floor* or wood floor options to fit your inflatable needs. The drop-stitch air floor, the latest in floor designs, is rigid enough to withstand up to four passengers while offering soft support for knees and feet. The wood floor option features a non-skid neoprene mat for safety.

*Not available on DX126 or DX138 models

Duras inflatable boats are equipped with three separate air chambers for added protection and have heat welded seams. Standard equipment includes two oars, aluminum seat, pressure gauge, patch kit, valve replacement tool, and a heavy duty foot air pump. All include our five year limited warranty.

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  1. Choice of air floor* or wood floorboards with non-skid neoprene mat
  2. Welded seams for added durability
  3. Long seat slide position for convenience
  4. Large stainless steel D-Rings for easy towing
  5. Oar holders inside the boat
  6. ABS transom with splash guards
  7. Aluminum transom pads
  8. Aluminum bench seat
  9. Self-bailing drain plug
  10. Aluminum stringers (wood floorboard models)
  11. Double layer PVC material on underside for extra protection
  12. High quality 7-layer, 1000 denier material for improved durability

*Not available for DX126 or DX138 models

Duras inflatable boat with numbered legend
Rear photo of Duras inflatable boat
Exploded diagram of 7-layer Duras inflatable boat material