Tohatsu TLDI Recall Campaign

Tohatsu is dedicated to providing outboards of outstanding quality and value. As part of our constant efforts to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, Tohatsu America Corp. is conducting the recall campaign described below. This notice is provided in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Boat Safety Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

70/90HP "B" SERIES TLDI OUTBOARDS Issued May, 2008

This recall is related to the high pressure fuel filter in certain 70hp and 90hp "TLDI" models. It has come to our attention that on certain "B" series models (MD70B and MD90B models), there is a possibility that one of the bolts in the upper cowl may come in contact with the high pressure fuel filter located just below it. There is a possibility that the bolt could rub a hole in the high pressure fuel filter and cause fuel to leak from the filter, creating a hazardous situation.

Models Serial Numbers Affected
#70242 ~ #70380
#005727XC ~ #050489XC
#005940XD ~ #062400XD
#005965XE ~ #050482XE
#006653XF ~ #074628XF
#005380XG ~ #014128XG
#00766 ~ #00999
#005742XC ~ #050505XC
#005113XD ~ #062445XD
#006004XE ~ #050545XE
#006679XF ~ #074719XF
#005415XG ~ #014253XG


To prevent damage to the high pressure fuel filter, Tohatsu has redesigned the fuel filter mounting bracket. If your motor is one of the affected models (see above), we strongly urge you to contact your nearest Authorized Tohatsu Dealer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for replacement of your mounting bracket. You should discontinue use of your outboard until the problem has been corrected.

When contacting your Authorized Tohatsu Dealer, mention Service Bulletin 08-003 and present this notice to the dealer when you take your engine in for service.

The replacement work will be performed FREE OF CHARGE to you. In addition, as part of the replacement work, a new fuel filter will be installed on your motor at NO CHARGE.

If you no longer own this engine, please contact Tohatsu at 214-420-6440, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm Central Standard Time and ask to speak with our Service Department.